I’m a product designer and leader and have worked in web and mobile application development since 2005. I spent the last six years at Pivotal Labs establishing and evolving a lean, user-centered design practice that incorporates user research, iterative design, UI/UX, and visual design. I started at Pivotal Labs as an individual contributor working closely with other disciplines. As the need for design in our engagements increased, I worked with the other designers and stakeholders to develop and improve our processes, both within design and across disciplines. I spent the last two years as Design Director, managing the San Francisco design team: guiding designers on client projects, facilitating project kickoffs and workshops, giving feedback on design direction, being a design liaison for clients and being responsible for hiring designers and growing the team.

With dozens of projects under my belt, I specialize in Lean, User Centered design. I love collaborating with designers and other disciplines to solve complex problems that result in simple and delightful experiences for the user. I’ve designed B2B and B2C applications in a variety of domains including finance, health, and productivity. In my design work I follow a lean process that helps me gather the information I need about business goals, user needs and the technology ecosystem to make informed design choices.

I also have extensive experience in successfully: interviewing and hiring designers, scoping and setting up projects, writing proposals, aligning expectations with stakeholders and explaining the value of design to non designers. Oh, and I’m really passionate about paper arts.

I am looking to join a mission driven company with an established design team in which I practice design on a daily basis. I thrive in collaborative, fast-paced environments that are focused on shipping software and iterating towards the right solution. I’m a problem-solver, people-lover with a can-do attitude and I’m excited to find a product and domain to sink my teeth into.