Need: Deloitte’s Innovation Lab needed to make their materials and techniques easily accessible by all Deloitte employees. 

Solution: iPad kiosks were placed in various Deloitte offices and served as virtual vending machines for resources and tips from the Innovation Lab. 


This project had a tight time-frame so I had to move fast.
I started the project with a day-long ‘Inception’ in which I gathered all the information I needed from the stakeholders to get started, formulated an understanding of the project’s goals and audience, as well as developed a user scenario that helped guide me in the design process. 

Dale is a Lead for Deloitte's OCEO accounts and has been at Deloitte for over 10 years.
- Dale is having challenges with one of his clients. He remembers the resource iPad in the office’s lobby and heads over to check it out.
- Dale browses 2-3 resources, learns about The Lab and within a few minutes finds a tool that will help him with his client.
- Dale email’s the details to himself and uses it with his client.
- Dale tells a co-worker about his experience.

Over the next few days, I used the scenario to ideate possible concepts for a solutions. With input from the client, we honed in on a concept and generated wireframes.

Once we had the key wireframes worked out it was time to bring on developers.
While developers were setting up, I embarked on a visual design exploration. Below are some of the visual design directions we considered. We decided to use the color scheme from the materials themselves and enhance the existing visual language with iconography and animation.

Within a few short weeks we were able to ship the iPad app.
Below are a few screenshots from the final application.