Need: Humana, one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers, needed to increase engagement with their “healthy-rewards” program.

Solution: We built the program’s first mobile experience, focused on quick on-boarding and incentivizing users to stay engaged over time.

Humana main screen

This project was complex so we made sure to set things up for scale in advance.
We spent the first few weeks learning about the domain and users, establishing core principles and a design language as well as setting usage goals for the program. Once we had the overall architecture in place we expanded the team to include additional designers and developers working across iOS, Android, and web.


The clients had great ideas, it was just not the right time for them.
The Humana team had ideas about features very early on in the process, before we had a chance to get to know their users and better understand the problem at hand. As design consultants, we knew these were valuable ideas but it was too early in the process to focus on them. To ensure these feature-ideas were not getting in the way of the discovery and ideation phase, we organized a workshop to help extract, organize and capture those ideas. The Humana team members felt heard which allowed them to truly let go of feature ideas and explore other solutions. A month later we pulled out the collection of features and were able to assess them with an informed point of view.

3 copy.jpg

One of our goals was to reduce the barrier to enter the program.
We brought down the lengthy sign up process from approximately 15 minutes to less than 2 minutes by removing unnecessary steps, automatically filling in information Humana already had about the user and making informed assumptions about the users’ preferences. 


Another goal was to ensure users stay engaged over time.
We encouraged users to identify habits they could easily incorporate into their schedules as well as set a long-term goal they would work toward. Users earned points for doing the habits on a regular basis and kept track of how close they were to achieving their goals (such as losing weight, developing better sleep habits or eating healthy).   


After I rolled of the project, the Humana team continued deploying the processes we established to further develop the application and roll it out to their customer base. In addition, the Humana team members we collaborated with opened the in-house Humana Digital Experience Center based on their experiences working with us.